Michael Todd - Soniclear Petite Antimicrobial Facial Skin Cleansing Brush System (Purple Majesty)

Michael Todd - Soniclear Petite Antimicrobial Facial Skin Cleansing Brush System (Purple Majesty)

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Brand: Michael Todd

Color: Purple Majesty


  • POWER CONTROL HANDLE: Produces up to 300 sonic movements per second for 6x better cleansing than with hands alone.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL DAILY CLEANSE BRUSH: Gentle, effective daily cleansing brush. Brush bristles are sized and uniquely rounded at the tip for gentle, effective daily cleansing. Antimicrobial for stain and odor causing bacteria protection.
  • MULTIPLE SPEEDS: 3 sonic speeds for a customizable cleansing experience for your specific skin type and skin concerns.
  • A FEW OTHER FEATURES: 3 sonic speeds, cleansing timer, cordless and rechargeable, and water proof.
  • THE SIMPLE TRUTH: All of our products are made with organic ingredients. Theres NO added water, NO parabens or triclosan, phthalates or sulfates, NO mineral oil, artificial color or synthetic dyes, NO animal testing (products tested on our chairman).

Details: Cleaner Skin Begins With A Cleaner Brush. Soniclear is the world's first sonic skin cleansing system to incorporate antimicrobial protection into its brushes to guard against the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria. The antimicrobial used in the Soniclear is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is considered so unique its use in the Soniclear is the subject of a pending patent. With antimicrobial product protection, the brushes of your Soniclear Petite stay cleaner, fresher longer and will not require replacement as often as unprotected brushes. Who Should Use it? all skin types Includes: 1 Soniclear Petite Waterproof Rechargable Sonic Control Handle, 1 Charging Cradle, 1 USB Inductive Charger which magnetically attaches to the Handle. (Separate wall plug not included), and 1 Antimicrobial Face Brush Attachment. Benefits & Features: Soniclear Petite Waterproof. The Soniclear petite is Waterproof (not merely water resistant) for use in the bath or shower. Three Speed Options. Three cleansing speeds enable you to customize your sonic cleansing experience to your specific skin type and skin concerns. Cleansing Timer. For even and thorough cleansing, the Soniclear petite features a built in automatic timer that beeps every 20 seconds to indicate it is time to move to another cleansing area. Rechargable. The Soniclear petite is Rechargable with the included USB Induction Charger and can provide up to 35 minutes of use on a single charge.